Established in 1998, Life Focus has its roots in Stress Management and Work/Life Balance.  I have been proud to help a wide mixture of clients from large businesses to individuals of all ages to make and implement plans for tackling –and enjoying- the complex demands of modern Home life, Work pressures -and a powerful Mobile phone!  


Natural additions to Stress Management strategies were Communication Skills, Personal Life Coaching, Assertiveness and Conscious NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  For the last few years I have also been steadily including elements designed to enhance Thinking Skills for all – with special programmes also tailored for High Learning Potential children.



THINKING SKILLS are increasingly in the news recently.


Critical Problem Solving?  ‘Out of the box’ Creative Thinking?  Information Processing?  Even the various sorts of mental gymnastics needed from Sudoku to the Wii


For a while I have included aspects of Coaching Mental Agility when helping Students, Parents and Sales Reps. However, a broader trend towards strengthening Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking’ is now fast gaining popularity. Not only is it used in business, but some forward-looking schools have it as a compulsory GSCE subject as they feel it boosts performance in ALL subjects. Many students (and even parents of pre-school children) are actively engaging it to prepare for success in 11+ Entrance Exams, GCSEs and A Levels as well as more broadly Maximising Performance at all ages. All of which, I am delighted to recognise, goes hand-in-hand with my work on Event Anxiety and Exam Stress.


Thinking Skills are a hot topic; from being a key part of the New Curriculum (2014+) in schools…to an actively chosen tool both at home and in the workplace…right up to helping maintain mental agility post-retirement. 


Having seen the huge benefits of actively focusing on the Mind as part of an approach to Life, Work, Exams, etc, I have now embraced Thinking Skills as a key part of the future direction of Life Focus. Taught well, mental agility can improve significantly, stress can be redirected positively and your full potential can be shown in exams, presentations or even nights out! 



A new-look website to reflect this fresh emphasis will be here shortly.  In the meantime Schools, Students, Individuals and Businesses are welcome to please continue using the usual email address of



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